Deadline for applications is:
• Undergraduate students – April 15
• Graduate students – August 15
• Community Assistance grants – August 15
• Endowment scholarships – No Deadline
• Fellowship Awards – April 15 (even-numbered years only)

Scholarship Fund Program 2024

Kappa Lambda Sigma The Powerhouse Chapter Due April 15th


in partnership with Ivy & Pearls Community Advancement Foundation Deadline is March 22, 2024

The Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship

About the Scholarship

Scholarship awards available for both College and High School Students

At Little Bundle, we never underestimate the challenges that come with being a parent — especially when you’re raising a family by yourself. 

We think it’s very important to recognize that being a single father comes with its own unique difficulties. Even though there are 2.5 million single dads in the United States (making up nearly a quarter of all single-parent households), single dads are often overlooked and underestimated. At Little Bundle, we know there are countless fathers doing an amazing job of shouldering all of the parenting responsibilities on their own. However, we also understand that the demands of single parenthood can make it very tough to focus on your own goals and aspirations. 

That’s why we want to show our solidarity with single dads, the children of single dads, and those whose lives have been positively impacted by single dads. Our mission with the Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship is to recognize the single fathers who are doing their absolute best for their children, despite not always having the time or resources that they would like. 

Focusing on education is a fantastic way for single dads to give their children the best possible start in life. In addition to supporting single dads who are pursuing their own higher education goals, the Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship also lends a hand to the high school and college-aged children of single dads, in recognition of the paternal love and support that helped them get to this point.

Not only does a bachelor’s degree translate to higher earnings over the course of one’s career, but it also serves to inspire the next generation by demonstrating that no matter the personal obstacles, it’s important to set goals and work hard to achieve them. We want single dads and their children to feel empowered by their achievements as a family, and be able to seize each and every opportunity that comes their way.  

Our goal with the Little Bundle Superdad Scholarship is to make things a little easier for single dads and their loved ones. Similar to our Supermom Scholarship, twice a year, we’re giving one high school winner and one college winner help with tuition, in the form of a $1,000 high school award and a $2,000 college award. Each winner will also be entitled to a year of free organic baby formula from Little Bundle, which can be redeemed right away, deferred for later use, or donated to a friend or loved one.

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2024 AHAEEF Application


About the Scholarship

The AHAEEF Scholarship fund awards a one-time scholarship to scholars who are pursuing their first post-secondary degree (scholars applying for a Master’s or a PhD are not eligible). This includes scholars pursuing completion of a trade or vocation school and those attending a 4-year university or a 2-year college. 

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Alabama Community College System

Four People Studying

Scholarship Workshops

Information provided about applying for college and scholarships.

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“Apprenticeship” is a big word that basically means you split your time between training for a job at an actual company and inside a classroom. You spend a few days a week taking college classes in your local community college’s classroom. The other couple of days are spent working at a company with professional in the manufacturing field who train you to actually ‘do’ the job you learned about in class. Your classes could be paid for by the company and you get an actual paycheck!

Anyone looking to jumpstart a career or simply start something new after working in a different job will reap the benefits of an apprenticeship. 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship keep their jobs. Not to mention the potential degrees and credentials you can earn while avoiding student debt. An apprenticeship is a smart choice whether you’re exiting high school or re-entering the workforce with several years of experience under your belt. Sign up today.

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