Looking for particpants for our 4th Annual Mardi Gras Resource Parade!

We are hosting our 4th annual Mardi Gras Resource Parade (please see flyer above and below) for our residents and we would like to know if you’d like to participate! This is the fourth time we are doing this awesome event so we would like to make even better than before. For those of you not familiar with the event, let me explain! During the pandemic while the world was on pause, we wanted to make sure to let our residents know, we were still here for them! We reached out to you all, our community partners, to join in. We loaded our “Mardi Gras decorated” cars and trucks, filled our back seats with Mardi “throws” like beads, moon pies, frisbees, cups and more, made “resource” bags with agency specific items like pens, cups, and information about our services, and we rolled through every GGHA community playing Mardi music and throwing out these items as our resident lined their respective community streets! It was amazing! The GGHA is always looking for ways to keep our residents informed and appreciated. I’m reaching out to you all to make this the biggest and best one yet!! You can send a representative in a Mardi Gras themed decorated vehicle to participate in the parade and throw out resource information/items to our residents, or you can provide your items for us to distribute! We definitely would like as many PPE, and or cold-weather (hats/toboggans, gloves, scarves) items to distribute as we could get. And, of course, the traditional Mardi Gras themed items are welcomed! We DON’T think, we KNOW this is going to be a fun, much-needed breath of fresh air for everyone that participates; while, respectfully honoring COVID-19/flu contactless recommendations.

We want: 

  • Community Agencies 
  • Elected Officials 
  • GGHA Resident Associations 
  • Education Partners 
  • Job/Work Partners 
  • Extra-Curricular Agencies (Dance, Music, Fine Arts, etc.) 
  • Private Non/Profit Agencies 
  • Business Owners (Janitorial providers, tutors, etc.) 
  • Sororities 
  • Fraternities 

Please, let me know if someone would like to participate either way. If you cannot attend, but would like to send resource items you can drop off or mail your items to: GGHA ATTN: Towanna Wilson 422 Chestnut Street Gadsden, AL 35901 

Please email me (preferred option) or call/text (256-310-8104) if you have any further questions about the event. 

Thank you so much for being such a valuable resource partner for our residents! If you have other agencies, family or friends you think would be a valuable resource for our residents, please forward the information and have them contact me as well. We hope you can join us! !!!!P.S. We will also have a gift card for Olive Garden for the best “Mardi Gras” participant vehicle. *Remember, we will be traveling all around the city of Gadsden so make sure your decorations are secure!!

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